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A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone if you accept this. A cookie can, for example, register your IP address and your geographical location.

If you have accepted cookies and later regret this, they can be deleted again in your browser if you want this and you can also choose to block cookies.

Malicious programmes cannot be installed on your computer through a cookie.

However, if you do not accept cookies, you may find that the website does not function as well as it might and that some of the content is not available.

The purpose of using cookies is to provide the best experience and a better service on our website as cookies register your movements on our website. Thereby we will be able to improve, adjust and target our services at you as the user and optimize our website and information in general through statistics on all users.

Privacy policy

The information you provide to us about you when you use our website is called personal data. It may help to identify you as a person. You provide, for example, personal data in the form of name and email address when you subscribe to a newsletter.

When you accept cookies, we also collect data about you this way. For example, your IP address, your geographical location or information about your interests. We do not register information to which you have not consented, either through acceptance of cookies or through the information you have given us.

We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the relevant Danish national legislation in this regard and we secure your data properly against publication and unauthorised use. We only store your data as long as we have a lawful purpose to do so.

You can always unsubscribe to our newsletter and we will then immediately delete your personal data.

Sometimes we use data processors to which we disclose your personal data. For example, in order to issue newsletters or to handle and/or dispatch orders.

We of course only use data processors that comply with legal requirements and where we have entered into the necessary agreements. All our data is placed on servers in the EU/EEA and this also applies to our data processors.

If you are unsure about what and how much we have registered about you, you are entitled to right of access to the data. All requests for access to personal data must be addressed in writing to us. We have an obligation to ensure that the data is delivered to the right person and we may therefore contact you in order to verify your identity. If you want to avail yourself of your right of access, you must send an email to and write ”Access to personal data” in the subject line. Requests for access must usually be answered within 30 days. If this is not possible, you will receive information about the expected response time which must not exceed 90 days.

If the data we have registered about you is incorrect, we are under an obligation to correct it or to delete it if you should want this and if otherwise legally permitted.

If you wish to file a complaint against our processing of your data, please contact the Danish Data Protection Agency on where you will be able to submit your complaint.