Small and medium-sized companies (SME’s) are often challenged by access to test and develop their solutions in full scale. Small resources limit SME’s availability to invest in test-setup integrated in water infrastructure and it can be difficult to find the water & wastewater utility can provide open testing environment.  


Klimatorium and Lemvig Vand are establishing test and demonstration facilities for startups and SMEs within water technologies. It is open for collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions, utilities, and municipalities, who will benefit from provided knowledge, data and examples of practical solutions and tested technologies in a full-scale infrastructure. 

The focus will be on helping startups and SME’s in developing their solutions and business. 



The test and demonstration facilities are located in Lemvig, Denmark and offer different opportunities: 

  1. An area is diploid with rain sensors and the collection of rain data will help understanding local rain events and how to use the data. This gives SME’s the opportunity to test new rainwater measurement technologies, with a lot of data from known methods.  
  2. A testbed for analyzing interaction between rain and high level of groundwater table with high loads of data. 
  3. Testing installation of new technologies and sensors in the rain and sewer network with a mobile lab. Showcasing new and valuable data, that can be used to optimize operation. 
  4. Sewer of the future. Testing new construction, methods, and materials as alternatives for traditional concrete or PVC pipes & manholes, testing of new sensors in the sewer system, to analyze wastewater before entry on wastewater facilities. 
  5. Data sharing and integration. Being able to collect more data to improve systems and operation, this within data on water height in local areas using radar technology for exact data. 

Klimatorium and Lemvig Vand have established testbeds and data facilities while specific setups will be implemented according to the concrete technologies and testing needs.  




Stefan Nielsen
Project Manager, Klimatorium