Poor access to test and demonstration facilities limits development of water technology solutions in real-world scenarios. Without a common platform for experimentation and demonstration, it can be challenging for different stakeholders to exchange ideas, feedback, and best practices, inhibiting the overall progress of innovation in the field.


The mobile waterworks is a test and demonstration facility where new Danish water technology solutions, processes, or monitoring tools can be tested and developed between innovators, researchers, utilities, and industry professionals, enhancing knowledge-sharing among stakeholders in the water technology sector.

The mobile waterworks is a containerized solution and designed to be easily adjustable for different tasks such as developing, testing, and documenting filter designs, filter materials, sensors, new purification technologies for specific water quality issues, etc.

The mobile waterwork have the strength of being able to be moved to a given location so that technologies can be developed for specific challenges directly where there is a need.


The mobile waterworks was built in 2023 as part of the Business Lighthouse for Water Technology, supported by REACT-EU. Currently, The mobile waterworks comprises two lines for drinking water treatment with pre-and after filters and a production flow of around 3 m3/h in each line. One filter set is a standard design, and one is designed based on re-design principles from the MUDP-lighthouse-project “Smart re-design of drinking water production”. However, a flexible design enables exchange of filters, sensors, or adjustment of processes to different tasks. The entire production lines are installed with multiple sampling points for evaluation of water quality or sand filter processes.

“Test and demonstration facilities are crucial for enhancing innovation and development of Danish water technology solutions in an increasing global competition.”

Ditte Andreasen Søborg, Head of Research, VIA University College

In case 1 (2023-2026), The mobile waterworks function as a test facility for the MUDP- project “Robust og fleksibel vandbehandling i bæredygtigt filterdesign” (Resillient and fexible water treatment in sustainable filter design) in which filter designs, sampling procedures for closed filters, best practices for backwash of sand filters among others is tested in collaboration between Skanderborg Forsyning A/S, Vand og Teknik A/S, HF Jensen A/S, NIRAS, and VIA University College.



VIA University College, Skanderborg Forsyning A/S, Vand og Teknik A/S, Water Valley Denmark, and Klimatorium


Ditte Andreasen Søborg
Head of Research, VIA University College

Lone Tang
Assistant Professor, VIA University College