Innovation processes are often challenged by lack of access to operational data and possibilities for test and demonstration.



Aarhus Water Living Lab is an innovative collaboration environment where we work towards a water cycle that is simultaneously sustainable and efficient. The collaboration includes businesses, utilities, and educational institutions from the Danish water sector.

The goal is to create better opportunities for exporting water tech and know-how. A foundation in the most recent knowledge from university research and programs is an important aspect.


In the first year of collaboration, creating Water Living Lab, we have experienced mutual benefits for the different partners.

Unrealized potentials stood clear faster than the partners expected.

Going forward, we strongly believe, that a faster process from idea to market can be achieved thrugh collaboration and data sharing

Christian Schou, Chief project manager, Living Lab at Aarhus Vand


In our safe collaboration space, we facilitate the development of knowledge, technologies, processes, and products with a view to operating a sustainable and resource-conscious water utility. We work with development, testing, and demonstration of products and technology with a focus on operation, commercialization, and export. We work with tuition, research, and communication in an accessible, confidential, and multi-lateral ecosystem with close relation to operational staff at Aarhus Vand. Here, various interests and ambitions can be hatched, nursed, and nurtured.

New ideas, both physical and digital, can be tested and developed on various scales. We offer realistic full-scale testing using the entire Operational Area South at Aarhus Vand, and digital projects in a fully developed digital twin of the operational area.

We have been very dedicated to creating a trustful space for open innovation. It’s great to see how focus turns into creating value from hidden values, when we build strong relations. Access to data, digital twin, and the physical infrastructure is a strong advantage in Living Labs

Pia Jacobsen, Head of Global Innovation at Water Valley Denmark


The Operational Area South of Aarhus Vand:

      17,000 Households

      415 km Pipeline network

      2 Water works

     +25 Potential partners


Current projects within Water Living Lab:

  • Establishing the Innovation Hub
  • Digital Twin
  • Data Sharing
  • Consumer Data
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Water Quality monitoring and warning system
  • Water Hammers & Pressure Management
  • Blueprint on Leakage Management.



Aarhus Vand A/S (project lead), Grundfos A/S, Danfoss A/S, AVK A/S, DHI A/S, SYSTEMATIC A/S, innovationLab, FoodDiagnostics A/S, VandCenterSyd A/S, Aalborg Universitet, Aarhus Universitet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, and Water Valley Denmark


Christian Schou
Project Chief, Water Living Lab, Aarhus Vand A/S

Pia Jacobsen
Head of Innovation, Water Valley Denmark