Increasingly frequent cloudbursts, heavy rains, and rising water levels lead to the serious problem of wastewater flooding. Deciding how to invest in maintenance, replacement, and expansion of water infrastructure to mitigate this issue has become a perpetual challenge for municipalities and water companies.


Integrated software and sensor solutions that monitor and visualize the complex interaction of water with water pipes, sewers, and streams is a novel and economically feasible way to begin addressing the problem. 


Dryp, A Danish water system monitoring specialist, develops a solution which makes it economically possible to monitor the entire water cycle proactively and in real time. Data can be used to help decide where and how to address the most critical problems. 


By monitoring wastewater systems, treatment plants can keep an eye on several parts of drainage systems over several rain events and assist in identifying breaks and blockages before they become critical, as well as identifying additional capacity available for climate adaptation.