Securing groundwater is essential to safeguarding a vital resource that provides a significant portion of the world’s freshwater supply. Groundwater plays a critical role in sustaining ecosystems, supporting agriculture, and ensuring a reliable source of drinking water for billions of people, making its protection crucial for both current and future generations.

Vision and Ambitions

Decrease irrigation by 50% and sustainable groundwater usage, obtained through increased data-driven groundwater management.

Showcases - Test & Demonstration Sites

We innovate and demonstrate the world’s most sustainable and efficient water cycle.

Dive into some of the innovative showcases from the work in the Danish ecosystem. Some of the facilities are open for researchers, companies, student and start-ups, who needs test facilities. Discover the Water Living Labs, test- & demonstration projects and the possibilities that the facilities can offer.

Strength Positions

Balanced abstraction of groundwater for both water supply and agricultural purposes

In Denmark the water supply is based on Groundwater, and the Danish National Groundwater Mapping Program has been essential in water management and securing the water resources and groundwater protection. Groundwater mapping data are stored in open databases and used in water action plans.