Effective stormwater management is essential for maintaining the integrity of the water cycle. By preventing floods, reducing pollution, and safeguarding ecosystems, it ensures the sustainable utilization of water resources and the well-being of communities. This critical aspect of water management is indispensable in the face of growing urbanization and climate change.

Visions and Ambitions

Meet the challenge of overflow and creating livable Blue-Green Cities through innovative infrastructure projects.

Showcases - Test & Demonstration Sites

We innovate and demonstrate the world’s most sustainable and efficient water cycle.

Dive into some of the innovative showcases from the work in the Danish ecosystem. Some of the facilities are open for researchers, companies, student and start-ups, who needs test facilities. Discover the Water Living Labs, test- & demonstration projects and the possibilities that the facilities can offer.

Strength Positions

Multi-benefit investments 

A holistic view in climate change adaption and city development to create infrastructure projects with a large involvement of citizens and local stakeholders to increase sustainability, biodiversity and heath in local areas and being cost effective.