Wastewater, often seen as a problem, holds immense potential as a valuable resource for energy production, offering both environmental benefits and a sustainable solution for meeting growing energy demands.

Visions and Ambitions

Turn wastewater treatment plants into 300% energy positive facilities and recover all meaningful resources from wastewater.

Showcases - Test & Demonstration Sites

We innovate and demonstrate the world’s most sustainable and efficient water cycle.

Dive into some of the innovative showcases from the work in the Danish ecosystem. Some of the facilities are open for researchers, companies, student and start-ups, who needs test facilities. Discover the Water Living Labs, test- & demonstration projects and the possibilities that the facilities can offer.

Strength Positions

Energy neutral WWTP’s, improving water quality 

Energy efficiency and increased energy production at Wastewater Treatment Plants. Huge capacity building through automated process control and model-based decision system that integrate sewer systems and WWTP.