Water reuse is integral to the water cycle as it conserves freshwater resources, minimizes environmental impact, and enhances water supply resilience, addressing the challenges of population growth and climate change.

Visions and Ambitions

Reduce water usage by 50% through circular water solutions. Diminishing the global water crisis through cutting-edge multiple water reuse systems.

Showcases - Test & Demonstration Sites

We innovate and demonstrate the world’s most sustainable and efficient water cycle.

Dive into some of the innovative showcases from the work in the Danish ecosystem. Some of the facilities are open for researchers, companies, student and start-ups, who needs test facilities. Discover the Water Living Labs, test- & demonstration projects and the possibilities that the facilities can offer.

Strength Positions

Water conservation 

Industries with high demand of water are reducing their water footprint and introducing water reuse in different processes. Brewery are producing beer …, laundry is using rainwater etc. to reduce the amount of drinking water.