Water, the essence of life and the foundation of countless ecosystems, is a finite and increasingly threatened resource. Ensuring its efficient use and distribution is a global imperative not to be neglected nor taken for granted.

Visions and ambitions

Secure leakage level of maximum of 5% and meeting the SDG 6 (Ensure access to water and sanitation for all).

Showcases - Test & Demonstration Sites

We innovate and demonstrate the world’s most sustainable and efficient water cycle.

Dive into some of the innovative showcases from the work in the Danish ecosystem. Some of the facilities are open for researchers, companies, student and start-ups, who needs test facilities. Discover the Water Living Labs, test- & demonstration projects and the possibilities that the facilities can offer.

Strength Positions

Low Non-Revenue Water (5%) 

Water efficiency has been in high focus to reduce water consumption, energy and water loss. Proactive leakage management; combining leakage detection technologies with data from sensors and predictive models as key parameters in prioritization of pipe replacement